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Bree Wee's Daily Menu

A mom first and triathlete second, Bree began competing in IRONMAN events in 2007—breaking a course record in her debut race and becoming the first woman from Hawaii to finish in under 10 hours. Leaving her job as a third-grade teacher she followed a dream to explore the world as a professional triathlete. How does a Hawaiian triathlete eat on a daily basis?

Bree Wee: Being a mom, mornings start pretty early for me as I have two of us to get out the door. I have three go-to breakfasts: 

1. Rice cakes with nut butter and honey and whatever seeds (chia, flax, etc.) we have in the house. That's my super quick one before an early Masters swim. 

2. Second, oatmeal that looks more like a salad (berries, seeds, nuts, etc) when I have more time or a long day.

3. And finally, green smoothies for when my only job is getting Kainoa to school or if I’m working in the classroom all day. (Get Bree's recipe here.) I also like beginning my day with beets. They have a lot of natural carbs that get a sleeping body moving pretty well.

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