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@ianloska Wins #ShowUsYourPurps Giveaway

Congratulations goes out to Ian Loska who snapped this photo thousands of feet up on a recent trip through South America. He was the clear winner as his photo showcased a breathtaking view in the Andes Mountains. "I started my South America trip in Patagonia, doing a week-long hike, where there were no supplies available once we had started," Ian said as he relived the trip. "I have a big appetite even when not exerting myself, so having to carry all of my camping gear combined with food for six days of hiking made weight my main concern, which is why is why Purps was perfect! The Vita T/H packs are nearly weightless and I was hopeful that the antioxidants would help counterbalance the dried potato powder, instant coffee, and trail mix that I would be living off of. It was also nice knowing that I didn't need to scan through the agricultural ingredients's organic!

Bringing Purps was a blessing in disguise because when I was cold, I wasn't drinking as much water as I should have, but adding Purps to my water helped me to sip it along the trail just because of the taste. Patagonia was the highlight of my trip and is the only place I have ever been to where it is safe to drink from every stream without the need to purify it. When you go there, just bring a small container for your water and lots of PURPS!"

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