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Kelly Slater Celebrates the Launch of Outerknown in Malibu

Purps founder Kelly Slater and Outerknown's Creative Director, John Moore. Photo: Barbara Davidson



Saturday night’s intimate beachside party in Malibu celebrating surfer Kelly Slater’s new apparel label Outerknown turned out to be a lot like the line itself: Unremarkable from afar but crammed with all kinds of feel-good surprises on the inside — including (but hardly limited to) a hillside hideaway designed by renowned architect Harry Gesner, S’mores crafted from artisanal marshmallows and a guest list that included Cindy Crawford, Chris Hemsworth and the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Anthony Kiedis.

Guests arriving to a nondescript stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway were ferried by electric golf cart down a treacherously steep hillside to a beach house nestled into the hillside just steps above the Pacific Ocean. This wasn’t just any beach house either — it was architect Harry Gesner’s turret-like Sand Castle house perched barely a seashell’s toss away from his famous 1957 Wave House. Gesner, who still owns the Sand Castle property, was on hand for the event, as were his son and grandsons, the latter of which could be seen helping schlep surfboards back and forth to the beach in preparation for the party.

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