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Ed Templeton – “Common Side Effects” show

Growing up in suburban Huntington Beach, CA; Ed Templeton is most likely known for his “evil pawn” graphics on Toy Machine skateboard decks or popular instagram hashtag #dailyhbpierphoto, giving insight in Huntington Beach’s unique individuals that frequent the pier in “Surf City U.S.A.”. Ed’s talents span far beyond the world of skateboarding in which he made his break through in the late 90’s. Be it behind the lens or paint brush, Ed’s distinct style has followed him for years from skateboard decks to major galleries across the world to the big screens in movies such as “Beautiful Losers”.

Ed recently had an opening for his show “Common Side Effects” in his hometown at the Huntington Beach Arts Center, just blocks from the beach, bringing multiple communities together while including a few close friends in the show as well. Nolan Hall, Grant Hatfield, Devin Briggs, Soncho Williams, and Ed’s wife Deanna Templeton were all part of the process, ultimately breaking the record for the HBAC with the highest attendance to date.

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