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A Week on The North Shore by Todd Glaser

Here’s a few of my favorite images from this year on the North Shore during the week of the Pipe Masters. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them! - Todd

Photo: Todd Glaser
Getting ready to surf big Pipeline is nerve wracking for most, put that same pressure on top of a crowd of thousands of people and a live webcast can mean even more pressure. Many shiver at the thought, Kelly on the other hand pulls out his favorite Pipe boards and gets excited at the thought of Pipe with 3 other people.


Photo: Todd Glaser
Kelly and Travis Lee (Kelly’s good friend and right-hand man when it comes to surfboards with his new company, Slater Designs) make their way to the contest site at the Billabong Pipe Masters.


Photo: Todd GlaserHere’s the view from the Pipe Trail in-between the Volcom houses, just below where this image was shot, surfers line up and wait for the right time to paddle out and hopefully get a wave like the one this guy is riding in the background.


Photo: Todd Glaser
It’s hard to imagine waves go un-ridden at Pipeline with so many people out, but this wave was the exception.


Photo: Todd Glaser
“I’ve got nothing to lose, I’m going to get the biggest barrel on a right I can,” said Kelly about 20 minutes before paddling into this wave at Backdoor during his heat at the Pipe Masters.


Photo: Todd Glaser
On any given day you can find Mark Cunningham swimming through the lineup at Pipeline or through the sandbars of Ehukai bodysurfing. Although he's a retired lifeguard, he's always keeping an eye on everyone in the water.


Photo: Todd Glaser
Pipeline from below is equally as beautiful as it is from above.


Photo: Todd Glaser
Friends wait patiently for their last wave or two before going in and prepping for the next day of waves.


Kelly Slater. Photo: Todd Glaser
When the swell is North the rights are really good, but in this case, Kelly opted for a more West set which resulted in this left during his heat.


Unknown about to be blown out of a big one at Pipe.


Kelly again, during the Pipe Masters shot from down near RockPiles. It’s a lot quieter on the beach here than it is near the contest site.


Here’s a color shot for good measure, yes Pipeline is equally as beautiful in color as it is in black and white!

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