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Up Next: Kjersti Buaas Prepares for 2nd Stop on the Free Ride World Tour

PHOTOS by Chanelle Sladics and Marion Hearty


Kjersti Buaas:


I'm here in Chamonix enjoying the beautiful mountains and preparing for the 2nd stop of the @freerideworldtour that is schedule to kick off next week. It has been quite warm here lately, actually so warm I could hang out at 2000 meters in a t-shirt! Today it started snowing quite heavy up in the mountains, but down in the valley it’s raining. Everywhere I go seems to be much warmer than in the past - I think we need to start taking even more drastic actions to help reverse the increasing temperatures. I am crossing my fingers we get more snow so we can have good conditions during the contest and people in general get to ride good snow. I love pursuing Freeriding - it’s a much more gentle and “feminine" approach to riding. It kind of reminds me of surfing, using mother nature and the natural elements to carve your turns and find your flow. This is a contest format I never before have experienced, so I am taking my time building up my confidence and skills. Tune into the live webcast at - first possible contest day is February 6th and last possible contest day is Feb 12th. Check back for updates on or my Facebook - as these contests are very weather permitting and schedule is subject to change...


Last week in Andorra for my first @freerideworldtour event, I finished 4th place! I am very proud of myself for embarking on this venture; I love that I have so much to learn still in snowboarding after many, many years in the industry. In order to stay motivated & grow we need to challenge ourselfs in new ways, and get out of our routines. This adventure is definitely giving me new perspectives on something "old" ? The photo below is from the hike up to the start gate around 8 am on Friday, getting rewarded with the most beautiful and peaceful "good morning" sunrise. Definitely one of the coolest ways to get to the start area of a contest I have ever experienced. Thank you PURPS family for supporting me on my journey and pursuing my dreams, while giving back and uplifting others!



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