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Kjersti Buaas' Purps Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Kjersti Buaas

Purps advocate Kjersti Buaas is always on the go. From snowboarding to yoga to rock climbing, long-lasting organic energy is key to achieving and maintaining peak performance. We met up with Kjersti to watch her whip up one of her favorite smoothie bowls just before she headed out the door to conquer another day of cross training. Check out the quick and easy recipe from 4x Olympian below.



1/2 packet of Vita T/H
1/2 Back Yard Banana
6 Stems of Kale
A piece of garden grown Watermelon 
2 tbs Hemp Seeds
1 tbs Walnuts
1 tbs Maca Root
2 tbs Chia Seed
1/2 tbs Goji Berries
3-5 Ounces of frozen Pitaya / dragon fruit


Blend everything together in a Nutri Bullet and pour into your favorite bowl.



1/2 Banana
Coconut Shavings
Cacao Nibs
Hemp Seeds


Get creative and make your food into a piece of art!

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Kjersti Buaas Kjersti Buaas Kjersti Buaas Kjersti Buaas Kjersti Buaas Kjersti Buaas Kjersti Buaas Kjersti Buaas

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  • I love you guys product i am a blue belt Jiu-Jitsu player. And honestly i feel re-energize whenever I use you guys products. I tried it a couple of times over a friend of mines house about an hour before and honestly felt awsome but did not know what it was called. Now i know so I will definitely be using your product.

    Orlando Sanders

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