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PURPS + North Shore Lifeguard Association

North Shore Lifeguards Association

“Eddie Would Go” — and so would every one of the fifty-two elite North Shore Lifeguards that dedicate their lives to saving others on the daily. From pro-to-amateur, local-to-tourist, bay-to-shore break, the North Shore Lifeguards keep us safe in some of the heaviest conditions in the world. They run towards danger 2000+ times per year making rescues, while actively preventing countless more from occurring by keeping swimmers out of dangerous situations. Their lives intertwine with the sport, style and creative expression of the Hawaiian North Shore and their mission certainly extends well beyond saving lives.

Education, recreation and youth programs are just some of the ways the NSLA promotes healthy lifestyle and gives back to the community. Each year, the NSLA hosts a variety of instructional programs in lifesaving, ocean rescue, cardio pulmonary resuscitation and surf safety skills. The NSLA also organizes many community recreational activities including swimming and paddleboard races, surf contests, lifeguard competitions and many other ocean oriented events. To top it off, each summer the NSLA runs a world-class not for profit Junior Lifeguard Program for 250 kids between the ages 12-17.

“The JLG Program is important on so many levels. It’s a safe environment for the kids to come. It’s healthy—it keeps them active and it teaches them some life-saving skills. It also fosters our youth to possibly becoming future lifeguards.” -  NSLA

The JLG is a true pay-it-forward organization focused on increasing self-confidence, physical conditioning, and ocean awareness through water safety, first aid and surf rescue techniques. The kids work hard for two weeks with cross chest carry, fins and tube, rescue board and ski rescues, along with CPR and basic first aid training. At the end of each season the NSLA takes a team to compete in 6 events at the State Junior Lifeguards Championships on the Big Island. Owing to the quality and rigor of the program, this year the NSLA team took first place!

Looking back at 2016 and forward into the future, we are honored to Purps it Forward as partners with the North Shore Lifeguard Association and all that they do to promote healthy lifestyle.


North Shore Lifeguard AssociationKevin Tinney makes a run for a potential rescue.


North Shore Lifeguard AssociationOrganic energy on deck to keep the NSLA alert and awake while observing their territory.


North Shore Lifeguard AssociationRescue. Dry. Repeat.


North Shore Lifeguard AssociationIn and out of the water, the NSLA stay vigilant while training with the worlds best. Mendes bros + AOJ crew.


North Shore Lifeguard AssociationJr. NSLA hone their skills to prepare them for future lifesaving opportunities--because everybody is a lifeguard if you are in the ocean.


North Shore Lifeguard AssociationFuture lifesavers enjoy the fruits of their labor as Hawaii’s 2016 Junior Lifeguard Champions.

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